Contact Information

Position Person Phone Email
President Rod Oppenhuis president@sebasvikings.net
Vice President Stefan Van Der Linden exec@sebasvikings.net
Treasurer Dan Hollingworth treasurer@sebasvikings.net
Publicity Peter Maggi 0418 508 149 info@sebasvikings.net
Senior (State 4) Coach Corey Smith coach@sebasvikings.net
Canteen Open - Please contact if interested
Secretary Michelle Maggi secretary@sebasvikings.net
Registration Officer Jim Maggi rego@sebasvikings.net
Senior (Local) Coach Open
Senior Player Rep Open
Senior Women's Rep wrep@sebasvikings.net
Junior Rep jrep@sebasvikings.net
Junior Rep (Girls) wrep@sebasvikings.net
Hall Hire Secretary 0418 508 149 hall@sebasvikings.net
Senior Women's Coach 0418 508 149 info@sebasvikings.net

Send general enquiries to info@sebasvikings.net
or the Club Secretary secretary@sebasvikings.net

Visit the Club on training nights and most Sundays.